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Covid 19

Covid Program

E’Port utilizes our existing engagement with vulnerable populations through our food pantry, senior outreach program, senior social clubs and early childhood education programs to provide accurate information on COVID-19 vaccination and testing sites, written material in multiple languages debunking myths and providing facts about COVID-19. We design and distribute written materials not only in English/Spanish, but also in Creole and Portuguese that are targeted at specific populations. All materials include telephone and email contacts for E’Port’s bi-lingual staff to answer questions or obtain additional information. We also utilize a broader outreach through social media, and door-to-door information distribution throughout the Port section when it is safe to do so. We attach door bags with information, hand sanitizer, face masks and information about where to get COVID testing or vaccines.

E'Port utilizes its food pantry distribution to identify individuals who have not yet been vaccinated, by providing pop-up vaccination sites set up by the City of Elizabeth and other organizations. We hold zoom meetings to reach parents to advise them of the facts surrounding vaccination and the importance of vaccinating teens and eligible young children. For parents who wish to get their children, ages 5+ (or younger if approved by the CDC) vaccinated, we educate them on how to move forward. We collaborate with other Community Based Organizations in getting the message out on how important it is to get vaccinated.


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